Join a Delegation

National Convention Attending the National Convention¬†will surely leave a lifelong impact on¬†you, your friendships, and your servant leadership abilities. With all of the one-of-a-kind opportunities offered¬†only¬†to attendees¬†of the National Convention, you will leave with brand new friends, skills, and memories¬†that will stay with you for years to come… More Info Here! Dr Casey Jakubowski isContinue reading “Join a Delegation”

Council Alumnus of the Year Award

The Council Alumnus of the Year Award is different than other awards in Scouting as it does not simply recognize the individual for being a distinguished person or honor those giving time and energy to the BSA as a volunteer leader; Scouting already has awards that do that. It is more of a combination ofContinue reading “Council Alumnus of the Year Award”

2022 Scholarship Recipient

APO Eagles,¬†the Eagle Scout Alumni Association of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity (APO), and National Affiliate of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) are proud to announce the inaugural recipient of our College Scholarship. Sarina Jarrahi Horner is a graduate of Forsyth Country Day School (FCDS) in Lewisville, North Carolina, and the North CarolinaContinue reading “2022 Scholarship Recipient”

National Service Award

The National Distinguished Service Key Award is the Fraternity‚Äôs highest level of distinction, and it recognizes brothers for outstanding service to the Fraternity. This year‚Äôs chair of the National Distinguished Service Key Committee, Maggie Katz, announced the recipients during the opening ceremony of the National Convention. KEITH ROOTS Theta ‚Äô83 University of Virginia Eagle ScoutContinue reading “National Service Award”

How to Serve Scouting?

Third in a series While it is easy to refer to the age-old idea of ‚ÄúMoney, Membership, and Manpower‚ÄĚ that has been the charge of every District Executive in the BSA, there is actually great truth in this adage that can be used. I‚Äôll focus on these three elements and explore each one and howContinue reading “How to Serve¬†Scouting?”